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  5. Actually, Galileo was in no sense a denier. Copernicus had already written, Kepler had already written. The science was “settled” or “settling”. It was the Church that had problems with Heliocentrism, not astronomers.If anything, Galileo’s modern analogue is probably someone like Hansen, who the Bush administration has been trying to silence.

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  19. yes, I have a question…why do you live so far away from me? besides that…I just wanted to tell you publicly & on your blog that I adore you…like meeting you was ONE OF THE BEST PARTS of BlogHer for me. You were everything in person that I could have imagined and so much more.xoxoxo

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  21. fdThank you Talene! I really like to vomit my emotions out! I’m sure everyone experiences these emotions at points in their life though. Thanks for being here, it’s fun to finally be showing! xoxo109

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  30. So glad you are getting some much deserved and much needed rest!! You and Angela just rest and play a little. Will definitely be praying for Mr. Levi. Can’t wait for the Christmas CD!! When does it hit stores??Leah

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  61. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I definitely like to plan out meals on Sunday, grocery shop, and have our week set. But then there’s those afternoons, I’m like, cooking nah. haha. I also try to remind myself that cooking is therapeutic, love prepping with music and glass of wine

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  64. Thank you so much for yourvery “diplomatic” response, its nice to know I’m not alone I am really battling, I’ve tried EcoKids (in fact it was the first I tried), but they are full, so are Dolphin Coast Pre-Primary, So-High, Bugs and Butterflies etc. its crazy.I’ve narrowed it down to ABC or Sheffield Beach Pre-primary…hope I make the right decision (any advice).I’ve also found that alot of the local schools are half day with no aftercare, which leaves alot of working parents in a difficult situation.I look forward to reading future blog posts!

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  70. I think you should tell Nick exactly what you've blogged about. You expressed it so well – just tell him these exact things!I did wonder how you balance that kind of situation. Sounds awkward at the best of times, but I am sure if you talk to him, Nick will understand.

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  291. Beautiful recipe. Love to find more things I can do with kale and the horseradish sounds perfect. THAT DESSERT! Will you be sharing that on the blog at some point? It looks amazing. Wish I was closer to you. I'd LOVE to come to a class.

  292. I knew I shouldn’t have clicked on your article while I was on break eating my vanilla wafer cookies…for some reason they didn’t taste as good! (I just ate them faster)….but I was interested in what you had to say and enjoyed the colorful commentary. Stepping in the right direction, Weight Watchers starts next week. (that’s why I ate the cookies today!)

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